Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool Web Sites To Check Out

The past month has provides conferences in Texas. North Carolina and Wisconsin.

TCEA is always an excellent conference with excitement and energy from educators, technology coordinator and leaders from across the state. Rather than give you all the detail of the conference I thought I would provide a few of the links we used in the workshops and sessions.

North Carolina was a fantastic experience and allowed me to connect with several of my favorite people. NCTIES organized the conference around a construction theme, and developed a Dream Design Technology Team. The team included David Warlick, Tammy Worchester, Vicki Davis, Kathy Schrock , Leslie Fischer and myself. What a great time discussing with the movers and shakers, 21st Century Skills, software applications, Web 2, filters in school district and the challenges we all share as "Idea Peddlers"

The sessions that we presented included:
Tammy's Favorite Technology Building Tools for a Web 2.0 Classroom
Tammy Worcester,

10 Rules For Revolutionaries In The 21st Century Classroom
Dr. Howie DiBlasi

Digital Photography and Elements
Leslie Fisher,

Personal PD Cultivating your Personal Learning Network
David Warlick,

And finally on to Wisconsin and Madison attending and providing the Keynote for WETA.
Small conference of around 500 attendees but they consumed the content and were really excited about the Web 2.0 presentation and how to change their classrooms.

Links below:
Demo-What is WildEarth (WE)? A new concept in wildlife TV. Everything you see is 100% LIVE and happening right now. Join us for r a LIVE presenter lead safari, where WE go in search of some of our favourite characters. WE also do a LIVE bush walk every weekday morning, visit the WEschedule for all the times and shows. http://www.wildearth.tv/home
· 360 Cities brings interactive, panoramic photography to the mainstream. http://www.360cities.net/
· EduHound Site Sets are collections of topic-based online education resources http://www.eduhound.com/
Thousands of free lesson plans that meet state and national standards http://www.eduhound.com/lesson_plans.cfm
· Imbee Sudent Social Site (Imbee) www.imbee.com